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Das neuartige Abnehmprodukt. Ohne Sport und Chemie. 100% Geld-zurück Garantie Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪English Grammar‬! Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Infinitive or gerund exercises. English verbs. Advanced level for esl. Interactive exercises onlin DIRECTIONSTAKE THE QUIZDIRECTIONS DIRECTIONS: Choose the correct form -- gerund or infinitive. Example: Do you mind _____ some pictures of your trip on Facebook? Answer: Do you mind sharing some pictures of your trip on Facebook? Go to the next tab to TAKE THE QUIZ. TAKE T.. Gerund - Infinitive . Online Exercises on the use of the gerund as well as the infinitive with and without TO. Levels of Difficulty: Elementary Intermediate Advanced

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Gerund/Gerundium, -ing Form, Infinitiv - Grammatikübungen - Englisch. Gerund und Infinitiv - Übungen. 1624 Gerund als Subjekt oder Objekt - Übung; 1612 Gerund (Deutsch-Englisch) - Übung; 1618 Gerund nach Präpositionen - Übung 1; 1626 Gerund nach Präpositionen - Übung 2; 1628 Gerund nach Präpositionen - Übung 3; 1630 Gerund nach Präpositionen - Übung Gerunds and Infinitives Exercises . Types of exercise: Multiple Choice , Fill in the word , Select from Drop Down . Levels of exercise: Elementary Intermediate Advanced Gerund and Infinitive Exercises: 1137 Gerunds after Prepositions - Exercise 1 Advanced . 1138 Gerunds after Prepositions - Exercise 2 Advanced . 1158 Gerund or Infinitive - Exercise 1 Advanced . 1159 Gerund or Infinitive. Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> This grammar worksheet focuses on those verbs that can take both the infinitive or the gerund but with a change in meaning. e.g stop, remember, regret, try, etc, etc.. Infinitive or Gerund? This worksheet concentrates on those verbs that can take both the infinitive or the gerund but with a change in meaning. e.g stop, remember, regret, try, etc, etc. If you can master these, then you really know your stuff :-

Übung zur Infinitivkonstruktion :: Seite 06. Infinitiv oder Gerundium. Entscheide, ob du Infinitiv (mit/ohne to) oder Gerundium einsetzen musst.. I hop Gerund or Infinitive Übungen mit Lösungen. mary-poppins. 26 November 2020. #Gerund (Englisch), #Infinitiv (Englisch) ☆ 82% (Anzahl 33), Kommentare: 0 Quiz Wie hat dir dieses Lernmaterial gefallen? Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4.1 (Anzahl 33) Kommentare. Weitere Lernmaterialien vom Autor . Gerund or Infinitive Exercise 2 answers 1 We arranged to meet under the station clock at half nine. ( to meet ) 2 I always try to avoid seeing him whenever I can. ( to see ) 3 I long to be in Scotland again. ( to be ) 4 My Mum demanded to see the manager. ( to see ) 5 My brother denied eating my chocolate mousse. Maybe his hamster ate it. ( to eat. The Most Advanced Use of Gerund And Infinitive. We have already talked about gerunds and infinitives usages and differences. in the article below I am going to tell you the most advanced use of gerund and infinitive in English.. The Most Advanced Use of Gerund And Infinitive. Some common verbs followed by a gerund (note that phrasal verbs, marked here with *, always fall into this category)

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Advanced Level: Gerunds and Infinitives. Average: 4.1 (36 votes) Fri, 11/01/2013 - 07:13 — Chris McCarthy. Grammar; Gerund. A gerund is a noun made by adding '-ing' to a verb. The gerund of the verb 'read' is 'reading'. The gerund can be used as the subject, the complement, or the object of a sentence. Reading helps you improve your vocabulary. (subject) Her favourite hobby is reading. By exercises_admin On 4 August 2016 In Grammar Exercises Gerund or Infinitive - Quiz 4 (Advanced Level) with Answers This quiz include general gerunds and infinitives

Gerunds and Infinitives Advanced Level Test - Quiz (Online Exercise With Answers) 1 25 Multiple Choice Questions With Answers Gerunds and Infinitives Advanced Level Test - Quiz (Online Exercise With Answers) Intermediate Gerunds and Infinitives . Part 2 of the Gerunds and Infinitives Tutorial discusses how to control gerunds and infinitives and start using them more like native English speakers. Complete exercises 11 - 20 to see if you understand what you've learned in parts 1 and 2 › Lernen › Grammatik › Infinitive, Gerund › Übung. Übungen zum Infinitiv und Gerundium. Gerundium. Ersetze die in Klammern stehenden Verben durch das Gerundium. She is good at (dance). He is crazy about (sing). I don't like (play) cards. They are afraid of (swim) in the sea. You should give up (smoke). Sam dreams of (be) a popstar. He is interested in (make) friends. My uncle is. B2 Gerunds and infinitives is an exercise at an upper intermediate level of English which focuses on vocabulary and grammar. It Is good practice for Part 4 of the Reading and Use of English section the Cambridge B2 First Exam.. B2 Gerunds and infinitives

Infinitive or gerund - advanced level exercises onlin

  1. Stories for Gerunds and Infinitives (directly below) Warm-up Questions; Clarifying Questions Activity; Some rules in English just need to be memorized. Among these are which verbs (and adjectives and adverbs) should be followed by a gerund, which by an infinitive, and which can be followed by either
  2. Gerunds and infinitives may be confusing, but they make your English speech more varied and colorful. It is very useful to study them and practice using them correctly. The more you notice gerunds and infinitives in your study of the English language, the easier it will get! Sometimes you will be unsure if you need to use an infinitive or a gerund in a sentence. In this situation, try changing.
  3. Gerunds and infinitives - complex forms. Simple, perfect, progressive and passive gerund and infinitive forms. Advanced English grammar exercises
  4. g the action. I enjoyed their singing. (They were singing) She understood his refusing the offer. (He.
  5. Infinitives Test Exercises - Multiple Choice Questions With Answers - Advanced Level 30 30 Free Online English Grammar Quizzes - Tests - Exercises About Infinitives Test Exercises - Multiple Choice Questions With Answers - Advanced Level 3
  6. utes before the train departed. 2. Simona resisted Italian during her English training program in London. She wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to improve her English. 3. Do you care us later for.

By exercises_admin On 30 July 2016 In Grammar Exercises Gerund or Infinitive - Quiz 3 (Advanced Level) with Answers This quiz include general gerunds and infinitives Kurze Videos erklären dir schnell & einfach das ganze Thema. Jetzt kostenlos ausprobieren! Immer perfekt vorbereitet - dank Lernvideos, Übungen, Arbeitsblättern & Lehrer-Chat Online exercises to improve your English. Our online exercises for English help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. Infinitive/Gerund - Exercises. Infinitive/Gerund - mixed exercise

English ESL Gerunds and Infinitives, Advanced (C1) worksheets - Most downloaded (36 Results) Prev; 1; 2... 3 > Next Order By: Most downloaded | Most favorited | Newest. Period: All-time | Monthly | Weekly | Daily. Gerunds OR Infinitives + KEY (Super Heroes Theme) By kifissia Elementary level gerunds and infinitives exercise.The exercise is a story about 2 Super Heroes and their trip to outer. By exercises_admin On 30 July 2016 In Grammar Exercises Gerund or Infinitive - Quiz 3 (Advanced Level) with Answers This quiz include general gerunds and infinitives Advanced infinitives and gerunds. Use 1: different from esp. (they use subjunctive) Odio que me digan que necesito vestirme mejor - I hate being told that I need to dress better. Necesito que me revisen el coche - My car needs to be checked. We use passive gerunds (being done) or passive infinitive (to be done) to describe actions which are done to the listener. You can use either of the. Gerunds or Infinitives Although the terms might sound foreign, the gerunds and infinitives are common parts of speech that we use everyday, whether we know them or not. What are Gerunds? Gerunds are easy to spot, since every gerund is a verb with -ing tacked to its tail, like this: verb + -ing = Gerund. Examples: swimming, reading, playing.

Infinitive or gerund exercises. English verbs. Advanced level Free English gerunds and infinitives tutorial online. Excellent resource for ESL / EFL students and teachers. QUIZ: Gerund, infinitive 4 | Practice English grammar online Here you can find.. Board game for speaking practice with gerunds and infinitives. Twenty-three squares with cues for personal experiences etc including more advanced structures - passive gerund, passive infinitive, perfect infinitive, possessive + gerund ('I hope you don't mind my asking').. Free to download and use in the classroom 10 comments on English Grammar: Gerunds & Infinitives Exercises (Study Online) David (Posted on 12-24-2016 at 22:06) Reply ↓ Marvellous site. Bezlepková (Posted on 10-12-2017 at 02:32) Reply ↓ This grammar was nice to me know a lot! Nilay soni (Posted on 2-6-2018 at 13:50) Reply ↓ Excellent job by Mr.Barton. Leung Yui Yan (Posted on 2-26-2019 at 05:51) Reply ↓ Great job. ORFEU. Gerunds and infinitives quiz 2 Long (45-question) multiple-choice quiz on verbs followed by gerund, full infinitive or bare infinitive. Upper Int - advanced. (Uses the same verbs as the Straightforward Advanced Unit 2 Resource Pack activity.

to stop + Gerund/Infinitiv. Das Verb to stop beschreibt eine abgebrochene Handlung, wenn es zusammen mit dem Gerund steht. Beispiel. Beispiel. Hier klicken zum Ausklappen to stop + Gerund. He stopped dancing when he recognized that they laughed about him. → Er hörte auf zu tanzen, als er bemerkte, dass sie über ihn lachten. Steht to stop mit dem Infinitiv, sagt es aus, dass die. For the gerund and infinitive exercises below you have to decide if you need the gerund: verb + ing e.g. swimming. or the infinitive: to + verb e.g. to swim . For some, either the gerund or infinitive is possible. Gerund and Infinitive Exercises - Quiz 1 . Ali's Story. Booking The School. Ali decided that he wanted (study) abroad

The gerund is the -ing form of a verb. It acts as a noun in a sentence and follows certain verbs, prepositions and adjectives. Learn when to use the gerund and when to use the infinitive in English grammar with Lingolia's grammar lesson. Then, practise verb patterns in English grammar with our interactive exercises Fill in the blanks with gerunds or participles. Answers 1. You are smoking too much these days. 2. There was a smoking cigarette end i

Gerund or Infinitive worksheets and online activities. Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print Stop and Gerunds or Infinitives Stop can be followed by either a gerund or an infinitive with a change in meaning. Stop + to + infinitive. She was cleaning the house and she stopped to get some rest. Stop + gerund. My grandmother stopped smoking when she felt some pain in her heart. Twitter Share English exercise Stop and Gerunds or Infinitives created by zilazila with The test builder. When to use gerund or infinitive In the table below, you can see when to use gerund or infinitive. Verbs that take gerund or infinitive with a change of meaning . forget Forget to do something: Used to talk about things that we need to do, and we forget to do them. I think forgot to lock the door when we left. Don't forget to call me when you. topic: Gerund or Infinitive? 4 | level: Advanced Fill in each space with either the gerund (-ing) OR the infinitive (to) form of the verb. Example: Reading in the dark is difficult. OR Don't forget to brush your teeth. James offered _____ us move. a. to help b. helping. What do you want _____ tonight? a. to do b. doing. Her daughter decided _____ a veterinarian. a. to become b.

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  1. Gerund, Infinitive - Exercise - Englisch-hilfen.de Gerunds and infinitives - complex forms. Simple, perfect, progressive and passive gerund and infinitive forms. Advanced English grammar exercises. Gerunds and infinitives - complex forms. Simple, perfect, progressive and passive gerund and infinitive forms. Exercise 2 Choose the correct.
  2. gerunds and infinitives exercise. This material provides 5 exercises/49 sentences more than 50 gap fills to practice Gerunds and infinitives. Gerunds and Infinitives Level: advanced Age: 14-17 Downloads: 1649 : Gerund or Infinitive? - No. 4 Level: intermediate Age: 10-17 Downloads: 1534 : INFINITIVE OR GERUND - EXERCISES (B&W VERSION INCLUDED) Level: intermediate Age: 12-17 Downloads: 1240.
  3. Gerunds or Infinitives. What is something you love doing, but don't have enough time for? Is there anything you have begun recently? What type of personality traits do you hate? What do you like to do on the weekend? What is something you can't stand doing? Remembering to do things is sometimes hard. What is something you have a hard time remembering? What is something crazy you would like.
  4. Students > English File Student's Site > Advanced third edition > Grammar > File 8 > 8A gerunds and infinitives. Grammar; Vocabulary; Pronunciation; Downloads; Weblinks; Learning Record; Mini Phrasebook → and → 8A gerunds and infinitives . 0-9 Please try again. 10/10 - Well done! Choose the correct answer. I remember by my doctor to lose some weight and I I was a bit out of shape. My plan.
  5. You will have trouble (1.commute) this afternoon, folks. Interstate 5 is blocked for two miles north and south of 80th Street, so I strongly suggest (2.use) an alternate route if possible. Construction on the Factoria interchange has caused (3.slow) on I-405, so use caution there. Repairs on the Evergreen Point Bridge (4. expect / complete) by 6:00 A.M. today, but the bridge is still closed
  6. Exercises - Gerunds and Infinitives. Choose the correct gerund or infinitive from the parenthesis at the end of the sentence. She likes to get up early in the morning. (likes / dislikes) 1. Alan can't stand _____ on trains. (riding/ to ride) Mr. Harris enjoys _____ people out to dinner. (inviting / to invite) In the old days, gentlemen challenged their rivals _____. (fighting / to fight.

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When I introduce a gerunds and infinitives activity in class, I'm usually faced with looks of quiet desperation or grim determination. Most students find the endless list of verbs to memorize daunting, to say the least! Also, most textbooks don't cover the fact that there ARE a few helpful rules for deciding whether to use a gerund or an infinitive in a sentence. The next time you're. B1 Gerund and Infinitive GI001 Fill in the correct form : Gerund or Infinitive (with or without TO) 1. My dad used _____ after dinner but he doesn't do that anymore (SMOKE). 2. She advised us _____ there alone. It could be very dangerous (NOT GO). 3. Jenny is good at _____ children _____ down properly a

› Cram Up › Grammar › Infinitive, Gerund › Exercise. Exercise on Infinitive and Gerund. Exercise on Gerund. Complete the sentences with the gerund form of the verbs in parentheses. She is good at (dance). He is crazy about (sing). I don't like (play) cards. They are afraid of (swim) in the sea. You should give up (smoke). Sam dreams of (be) a popstar. He is interested in (make) friends. You understand many of the verb combinations taking either a gerund or an infinitive. You'll need to learn more, but that's OK. If you make a mistake, people will understand you even if it sounds a little funny. In the meantime, review this list of which verbs take a gerund or an infinitive B1 Gerund and Infinitive GI003 Fill in the correct form: Gerund or Infinitive (with or without TO) 1. They suggested _____ by bus instead of by plane. (TRAVEL) 2. It seems difficult _____ everything about this topic. (KNOW) 3. We were all looking forward _____ the New Year in New York. (CELEBRATE) 4. We are planning _____ to Europe this summer. (GO) 5. It was very difficult for him to quit.

Introduces Group 2 verbs followed immediately by an infinitive or a gerund. I made these exercises to supplement the book UNDERSTANDING & USING ENGLISH GRAMMAR. Repetition is key to remembering the correct form of these verbs. This is the 2nd group of three. I will upload Group 3s worksheets tomorrow 11:27 GO + gerund 12:12 preposition + gerund 13:23 verb + object + infinitive 14:45 Activity: Continue my story. 15:09 Activity: Identify more patterns with infinitives. Want more interaction in. About infinitive or gerund exercises. infinitive or gerund exercises provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, infinitive or gerund exercises will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get.

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Gerunds and infinitives are one of those language points that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love them because there are lots of activities you can do with them and students always get a lot out of practising them. I hate them because there are so many verb patterns to remember that it can easily overwhelm students and become a rote. Complete the following exercise with gerund or infinitive forms of the indicated verbs. See our easy worksheets below with explanations and definitions below. These words include but are not limited to sensory words such as. Worksheets printable exercises pdf handouts to print. What do you want do tonight. Using gerund or infinitive after certain verbs key. In both exercises students have to. Advanced (c1) 0. General English — Video zone, British Council LearnEnglish. СОДЕРЖАНИЕ1 Video zone2 You are here3 Video zone4 Choose a video5 James's Free English Advanced (c1) 0. Секреты нейрологии: как мозг изучает языки, и почему «детский метод» взрослым не подходит. СОДЕРЖАНИЕ1 Менее 3 This is the first part of a worksheet I had conceived as only one but it was too big so I split it in two parts. This first part consists of a grammar guide with complete explanations about using the infinitive and the -ing form and the answer key to the exercises you will find in the second part, which I have also uploaded today.I hope you find it useful:

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INFINITIVE. After certain verbs. I want to go to Mexico for a year after university. I hope to find a job near Acapulco. I have decided to become an English teacher.. After adjectives. He was pleased to see we had finished our work. The police were happy to answer the journalists' questions. It is often hard for children to make new friends.. Some verbs can be followed by the infinitive and. With more advanced students, you can include more academic vocabulary for them to use in essays. When the students see the instances in which a gerund or infinitive is the only option, they will be better prepared to use one or the other. One exercise that can be used for this is to leave a blank after a verb in a sentence and ask students whether a gerund or infinitive would be appropriate.

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Englisch Klassenarbeiten der Klassenstufe 10 mit Musterlösung zum Lernen und Üben A gerund is a verb with ing at the end. This makes it a noun! An infinitive is to + verb. In English, you can't put two verbs together in a sentence. I like drink coffee. × Instead, the second verb you must change to a gerund or infinitive. For example: After like you can put either a gerund OR an infinitive

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Tip 1: Both gerunds and infinitives follow certain verbs — you'll learn much more about which verbs below. I've also included example sentences and practice questions for you. Tip 2: Gerunds follow prepositions in a sentence, including prepositions in phrasal verbs. I love to drink a cup of coffee before running because it gives me an extra boost ESL Gerund and Infinitive Exercises PDF - Reading and Writing Activity - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 20 minutes. This free gerunds and infinitves worksheet helps students to learn and practice commonly used gerund and infinitive forms. Give each student a copy of the worksheet. Students begin with two gap-fill exercises where they complete sentences with gerunds and then infinitives. Next, the. Gerunds. Every gerund, without exception, ends in ing. Gerunds are not, however, all that easy to identify. The problem is that all present participles also end in ing. What is the difference? Gerunds function as nouns. Thus, gerunds will be subjects, subject complements, direct objects, indirect objects, and objects of prepositions. Gerunds (-ing

You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips Passive Infinitives and Gerunds Gap-fill exercise. Fill in the gaps with the correct for of the verb. Fill in all the gaps, then press Check to check your answers. 1. I don't like (laugh at). 2. Sam remembers (tell about) the party. 3. His greatest ambition is (choose) to take part in the Olympics. 4. (accept) for that course changed my life. 5. The children are looking forward (film) for.

Gerund or Infinitive? | Exercise Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page. Exercise 2 Gerund or Infinitive (with or without to)? Choose the right answer: Don't you dare talktalking to me like that! Do you happen haveto havehaving any money with you? Do you enjoy singto singsinging? If you have any [ This worksheet contains three exercises to train your students to better use either infinitive or gerund. Note that these exercises will be vey helpful when you have already introduced the main rules of using infinitive and gerund. Be sure that your students have learned the list of verbs after which they should use gerund. The worksheet contains keys to quicker check your learners' progress Gerunds and infinitives are nouns formed from verbs. Gerunds are formed by adding ING to the end of a verb. Some examples are eating, playing and listening. Infinitives use to before the verb so the examples above would be to eat, to play and to listen. Both can be used as the subject or object of a sentence. The negative version of both gerunds and infinitives is made simply by adding not.

Gerunds and Infinitives - English Grammar Exercises

Two easy exercises to improve the use of the gerund and to express likes and dislikes 29,636 Downloads . GERUND - TO INFINITIVE - PICTIONARY. By ag23 This is a pictionary about verbs followed by gerunds or to infinitive 21,772 Downloads . GERUND OR INFINITIVE. By anarti Some sentences to practise. 20,615 Downloads . VERBS FOLLOWED BY GERUND OR INFINITIVE. By rmartinandres This is the first. ESL Grammar Test : Gerunds and Infinitives - Gerunds are verbs that act as nouns. Some verbs in English are followed by gerunds and others by infitives-yet others use both and sometimes with a change in meaning for ex. She stopped to answer the phone.(infitive) . She stopped answering the phone (gerund). In the first example, the action that. Gerunds and infinitives are both forms of verbs that do not act like verbs. Gerunds act as nouns in a sentence, and infinitives can act as almost any part of speech. Knowing what part of speech a gerund or infinitive is can affect the rest of the sentence . In the sentences below, the word being is a gerund. Therefore, it acts as a noun. This helps us know to use the possessive pronoun my as. Upper-intermediate and advanced examples. There a several other (more advanced) examples of verbs which change meaning, depending on whether a gerund or an infinitive comes after. Forget. I 'll never forget buying my first car (I did it, and I won't forget it - buy first, (not) forget after) I forgot to buy the milk Levels of exercise: Elementary Intermediate Advanced Gerund and Infinitive Exercises: Gerunds and Infinitives - English Grammar Exercises Directions: Rewrite each short sentence or question using a passive infinitive: Example: He wants to marry someone. / He wants to be married. 1. She wants a doctor to see her. / _____. 2. I need you to give me more time. / _____. 3. John hopes that company.

English teaching worksheets: Gerunds and infinitivesMaroon 5 - She will be loved - Gerund/Infinitive - ESLSong Worksheet: I Will Survive (Verb Patterns)Gerund Verbs Crossword - ESL worksheet by francavelez

INFINITIVE WITH TO INFINITIVE WITHOUT TO GERUND INFINITIVE WITH TO PERFECT INFINITIVE AFTER VERBS. A perfect infinitive is an infinitive in the form of to have + past participle. It is used after some verbs to emphasize that something happened in the past. For comparison: She seems to be very optimistic Passive with gerund and infinitive 1 Gap-fill exercise. Rephrase the parts of the sentences with a passive gerund. Add a preposition when necessary. 1. She doesn't like it when people tease her. She . 2. Most people don't steal because they are afraid that someone will catch them. Most people don't steal . 3. To be told you are no good can destroy your confidence. your confidence 4. I hate. Gerund and infinitive worksheets are in PDF Format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results. Gerund. Gerund with preposition - GI 5 . Mixed Exercises . Gerund or Infinitive - Fill in the correct form - GI 2 ; Gerund or Infinitive - Fill in the correct form - GI 3 ; Gerund or Infinitive - Fill in the correct form - GI 4 ; Gerund or Infinitive - Fill in the correct form. Gerund or Infinitive? | Exercise Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page. Exercise 4 Gerund or Infinitive (with or without to)? Choose the right answer: His jokes made us laughto laughlaughing. They practised playto playplaying the piano. I told him shutto shutshutting up. She was busy studyto studystudying for her exams. There is [ Test yourself with our free English language quiz about 'Gerund or Infinitive ?'. This is a free advanced English grammar quiz and esl worksheet. No sign-up required

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